Open House, Meet & Greet, Swap.

It's spring! It's time again, come visit the studio, drop off donations, looks through items for swapping your unneeded items for needed items. Chat and meet other mamas and their babies!

Community Circle (at it's 'funnest')

I love having this open house event to catch up with all of you mamas and friends, and BABIES!

If you haven't come to an event before this is what you can expect:

Saturday April 30th, 11 am to 1 pm. Visit with friends, old and new!

Bring in clothes, etc and you can 'shop' swap for things your family needs currently.

Babies grow out of clothes and 'things' so fast, it's always nice to pass on what isn't in use anymore. Clear your place for the new phase to come. All items donated and not swapped, are taken to . (some items may be given to )Bring/tell a friend, stop by say hi. We are locate to the left of Harris Teeter on Great Neck Road -2130 Great Neck Square VB 23452. Nestled in Virginia Beach PT & Wellness, at Lacuna Yoga studio.

Light refreshments offered and raffle tickets to win services and goods from local businesses!

Looking forward to seeing you all!

love, Mama Bird Mollie

List of items accepted:

-clothes, accessories & shoes (all family members, however we focus on baby, kids and maternity/women)

-baby blankets, bottles, toys (all parts together), diapers (open packages too) UNopened formula, feminine hygiene products even open packages (but not used products ex, lotions/sprays) ,

-pack n plays, baby seats, swings, chairs. SORRY, no car seats!

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