June Journal notes

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Hello Mama. June 2021, it has been a fast couple of months for me since I launched my new website. First, I want to thank each of you for supporting me, buying memberships, classes and cheering me on. You lift me up and it is the reason I continue this work.

It's summer and the world seems to be opening up a little, a lot in some places. I’m happy the weather is warmer and we can be outside more often. I still want to be cautious and kind to all, to however any of us are feeling, so I’m opening the door soft and slow.

This month I have expanded my offerings for classes, in person with virtual option at my favorite Wellness Studio at Restorative Therapy Co. Many of you have been in and taken classes, shopped at the adorable Mercado (by The Rooted Hook), taken pilates with True Pilates or perhaps you have come in to see one of the amazing physical therapists. And if you didn’t know, Liz Martin Pelvic Floor PT specialist is also doing her work in this space too! More on that later. Check out my June calendar and come visit!

I officially made it through menopause (one complete year of no menses marks the day) April 1, 2020 it’s not lost on me …yes, God has a sense of humor. The very same week I was told I was going to be a Grandmother. It’s seems to be aligned in nature’s rhythm. I don’t miss my periods and I am honored and elated to be called Grandmama. This is also the year I spread my wings wide open and decided to fly solo with my own yoga business… Mama Bird Yoga, flying right in the eye of the storm named COVID-19. I am glad I couldn’t see the future, I might have not had courage to leave the old nest. We all did it, ordered groceries online, learned zoom and how to set up our houses to be a yoga studio, home office, school house. Part of me could stay cocooned in that desert land but my true heart loves seeing, hearing & touching humans. Being in the energetic fields. I don’t know what we will learn exactly having hindsight into the year 2020… what a vision year. It’s now 2021, so fresh and we are still in it, I’m looking forward to seeing the Phoenix rise from the ashes of it.

One thing I know is I want to keep showing up. I practice asana, meditation and pranayama to stay in the present moment, keep my top spinning on point, in rhythm. I cook, walk, laugh a lot & cry. I continue to learn, read and study my vocation.

I hope you join me this June month, rolling out your mat, sitting with us in circle, talking deeply on matters that matter and listening deeper to each other. Sign up and show up.

Thank you for being here, it’s lovely to have you.

Mama Bird Mollie


June 5, Saturday 9:30 am zoom

June 7, Monday @ RTC 9:15 am (in person & virtual) June 8, Tuesday 7:00 pm zoom

June 9, Wednesday 9:30 am zoom

June 9, Wednesday 6:00 pm @ RTC Stretch Class (I’m subbing for Becca!) 45 mins.

June 11, Friday 9:15 am @ RTC (in person & virtual) June 11, Friday 6:00 pm @ RTC. Sip and Stretch Event (in person; sold out, wait list)

June 12, Saturday 10:15 am @ RTC PRENATAL (in person & virtual).


June 14, Monday @ RTC 9:15 am (in person & virtual)

June 15, Tuesday 7:00 pm zoom

June 16, Wednesday 9:30 am zoom

June 18, Friday 9:15 am @ RTC (in person & virtual)

June 19, Saturday 10:15 am @ RTC PRENATAL (in person & virtual).

June 21, Monday @ RTC 9:15 am (in person & virtual)

June 22, Tuesday 7:00 pm zoom CANCELLED

June 23, Wednesday 9:30 am zoom (from Duck, NC)

June 24, Thursday 7:30 pm @ RTC FULL MOON class (in person & virtual)

June 25, Friday 9:15 am @ RTC (in person & virtual)

June 26, Saturday 10:15 am @ RTC PRENATAL (in person & virtual).

June 28, Monday 9:15 am @ RTC (in person & virtual)

June 29, Tuesday 7:00 pm zoom

June 30, Wednesday 9:30 am zoom CANCELLED

stay tuned for more to be added!

For Mama Bird Yoga zoom classes register on the website

For Restorative Therapy Co. classes register on Wellness Living (app) or their website

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