July journal notes

Updated: Jul 19

This journal entry brings much gratitude to you all and news of the upcoming changes in the summer season.

First, I am so grateful for EACH of you, as you have shown up in the Nest in your own beautiful unique way. Thank you.

It's been a 16 months since the website went 'live' and it's been two and a half years since the pandemic swept through and rocked our world, the same week I opened Mama Bird Yoga! Whoa.

And now the summer season, hot and muggy, a time for this bird to turn to cooling practices. Ice cream, lemonade, afternoon naps and late night star gazing. The dog days are among us so it's an interesting time to make waves and change the daily routine, and why not?

Starting in the month of August, I will be working with the physical therapists at Restorative Therapy Company www.restorativetherapyco.com to offer private sessions focusing on breath work, meditation and postural alignment. I will offer workshops and be part of a in depth educational course call the Resilience Program. More on that soon, but for now know you are welcome to join me here weekly for gentle flow and chair classes plus workshops. I'm available for small group and private prenatal and postpartum classes. I'm still here for mama circle, tea time and meal trains. Please stay in touch, follow me daily on IG @mamabirdyogava. Check out the classes at www.thestudiortc.com

Nothing in this world is permanent except impermanence. ~Disciple Kap Sian

Members of Mama Bird Yoga, You are my heart. Thank you so very much for being committed and supportive to this sweet yoga biz created to serve & support mamas, all women. With the changes occurring, I feel drawn to cancel all memberships and encourage you to continue to support local women-based businesses, knowing you do so much to keep the business financially and emotionally afloat. It truly takes a village. Each membership has been so very special to me, thank you.

I hope you continue to support Mama Bird by inviting women to come to classes, invest in private sessions and care for ourselves and each other. Fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and into menopause. My vision is to create a place for community where women from all stages of life gather to uplift, support and empower each other. To find health; emotional, physical and spiritual health.

We need each other. Meet y'all at the 'kitchen table', pull up a chair.

All my love,

Mama Bird Mollie

(revised: 7/19/22)

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