February 2022

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Imbolc, Gaelic for "the belly of the mother", a time when spring seeds are in the belly of the Earth stirring and preparing to sprout. Also referred to as mother's milk, ewe's would begin to produce milk for their new lambs to be born in the spring.

It signals the half way point from Winter Solstice to the Spring Equinox. We also know this day to be Groundhog's Day. This is where if the critter sees his shadow (sunny day) he retreats back to his hole, no shadow he isn't afraid and stays out (cloudy day). The Celtic version is the winter hag (holy one), Cailleach, would go out to gather firewood for the winter weather, if she decided winter would end early no need to gather the wood and would make it a cloudy day. If winter was to continue for 6 weeks and you needed to gather wood she would make it sunny to prepare yourself for more winter weather and you'd go out for firewood.

(note: groundhog predicts 6 more weeks of winter weather)

This month marks the beginning for me. January was hard. I know I'm not the only one having a difficult start. So, I burrowed in, and gave myself grace to be still and rest. I'm gathering energy and preparing for a spring full of blooms! I continue to eat warm soups, teas. Bone broth and root veggies. Beef stews seem to be the favorite dish this season. I also continue to bundle up and get outside. It's a great way to beat the winter blues, get fresh air to help the immune system and clear the head. Moving the body is the best way to support the digestive system as well. Taking care to watch easy TV, go to bed early, hot baths, soft twinkle lights and read inspiring words.

I have been holding seeds in the belly of my mind to start fresh this month with classes and service to women in the season of matrescence, moving into motherhood. I hope you will join us and you will invite your friends. This month we will come back into the studio to be IN PERSON (zoom will continue to be an option), classes, workshops and mama circles. I offer classes to all women, all stages. As spring keeps opening to us, more classes will be added. Please visit the class/event schedule on the website and sign up, it's where discipline and freedom meet.

February is also a month we turn our attention to LOVE, matters of the heart, compassion and passion. I always think of my physical heart. The one that beats and keeps me alive, the health of my heart. How do you keep your heart healthy? How do you balance the input and output?

The fourth chakra is Anahata meaning unstruck. The bridge connecting the lower and upper chakras. The heart, color green, seed sound lam, element air, metal copper, planet Venus, mineral emerald, herbs lavender and jasmine and animal birds. A few symbols and correspondence with the Heart wheel.

Excerpt from Wheel of Life by Anodea Judith, PhD:

"the heart chakra needs to be balanced between input and output. Just as the breath equalizes its inhalations and exhalations, so, too, must our energy replenish itself in order to keep giving. When handled properly, there is an infinite supply of energy through any chakra. Love multiples as it is given. Yet many people lose their alignment by giving too much, losing their ground, or giving when their energy is depleted. We are taught selfishness is bad- that it is wrong to balance our accounts from time to time."

All my love,

Mama Bird Mollie

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